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034 Motorsport

034 Motorsport Catch Can Oil Drain Adapter - VW/Audi / MQB / 2.0T

034 Motorsport Catch Can Oil Drain Adapter - VW/Audi / MQB / 2.0T

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The 034Motorsport Catch Can Oil Drain Kit Adapter was designed for the 2.0T EA888.3 engine, to allow engine catch cans to drain back into the engine with ease. This adapter is supplied with our Catch Can Oil Drain Kit, and we are offering it separately for those that would like to implement a custom oil catch can drain back solution.

This is not the full Catch Can Oil Drain Kit. To purchase the Catch Can Oil Drain Kit which is ready to be installed with an existing 034Motorsport MQB Billet Engine Catch Cans, click here.


  • CNC-Machined from Billet Aluminum
  • Provides a Drain-Back to the Turbo Oil Drain-Back Line - No Cutting or Drilling Necessary
  • Completely Reversible Installation
  • OEM+ Fit and Finish


  • CNC-Machined Billet Adapter
  • O-Ring


  • Pre 10/8/16 GTI uses an oil drain-back line with revision "F/G" (06K 145 735 F / 06K 145 735 G) while all others use revisions "T". Revision "T" (06K 145 735 T) is required for this adapter to work.
  • Revision "T" can be fit to cars with revision "F/G".
  • Cars with revision F/G will need to buy 06K 145 735 T (~$20) to fit this kit. The rubber hose portion will be too short otherwise.
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