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034 Motorsport

034 Motorsport MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) Head Gasket Set - Audi / EA837 / 3.0T / V6

034 Motorsport MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) Head Gasket Set - Audi / EA837 / 3.0T / V6

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Looking to build your supercharged 3.0T engine to the next level? The 034Motorsport MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) Head Gasket Set is an optimal upgrade over the factory head gasket. The 034Motorsport MLS Head Gasket Set utilizes 4 layers of steel that ensure a strong seal between the two cylinder heads, and is designed for high boost and high-stress applications, perfectly suited for B8 3.0T Stage 2 and beyond.


The MLX design, a Cometic development, utilizes an extra “stopper” fold-over layer which serves as an extra layer in the gasket. This extra layer provides a torque limiting surface that prevents the combustion seal from yielding, and contains high-temperature polymers and embossments that provides a seal to protect the head and block surface against oil and coolant. As a result, the 034Motorsport MLS Head Gasket Set allows for better combustion sealing, lower bore distortion and improved reliability. Unlike copper head gaskets, the MLX construction allows for the strongest seal around the combustion chamber while offering superior fluid sealing to ensure that this gasket set won’t cause reliability problems once installed. Compared to the OEM head gaskets, these head gaskets offer superior combustion chamber sealing for increased engine outputs and higher combustion pressures.


  • Pair (Right and Left) Cylinder Head Gaskets for One Engine
  • Manufactured for 034Motorsport by Cometic to 034Motorsport Specifications and Requirements
  • 4 Layers, MLS (Multi-Layer Steel), Proprietary Cometic MLX Technology
  • Embossed Outer Layers Meet the Demands of a Variety of Harsh Sealing Environments, Load Conditions, and Surface Finishes.
  • Designed for High Boost and High Stress Applications, Perfectly Suited for B8 3.0T Stage 2, 2+ and Beyond Applications.
  • Features an Extra 'Stopper' Fold-Over Layer Providing a Torque Limiting Surface that Prevents Yielding of The Combustion Seal.
  • Proprietary High Temperature Coatings Along With Embossments Providing a Micro Seal for Fluids Against the Head and Block Surface.
  • 85mm bore


  • (1x) Left Cylinder Head Gasket
  • (1x) Right Cylinder Head Gasket

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