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IE Carbon Fiber Intake System - Audi / 3.0T / B9 / SQ5

IE Carbon Fiber Intake System - Audi / 3.0T / B9 / SQ5

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IE's carbon fiber intake system for your B9 SQ5 is meticulously designed to improve turbo & engine efficiency and engineered for significant airflow gains on stock and hybrid turbochargers while keeping IATs to a minimum. Unique motorsport features produce power gains of up to 19HP & 21ft-lbs on tuned engines, making it the ultimate intake system that delivers style, sound, and power for your turbocharged SUV. 


  • High-gloss genuine carbon fiber construction
  • Leak-free seamless 1-piece airbox
  • Up to 19HP & 21ft-lbs over stock (with IE turbo inlet)
  • Flow 28% more than the stock intake system
  • Flow 44.2% more than stock intake (with IE turbo inlet)
  • Enhanced turbo & engine sound
  • High pressure & low pressure air zones
  • Maximized turbo & engine efficiency
  • Huge 5" air filter & velocity stack for excellent laminar flow
  • Factory style mounts for reliable & easy installation
  • All stainless hardware
  • Multi-ply silicone with stop-flat edges
  • High-quality clamps
  • Powder-coated aluminum filter plate
  • Stainless laser-etched logo plate


Carbon fiber allows our engineers to create complex shapes and angles to maximize internal volume while maintaining high resistance to heat. This design practice utilizes every millimeter available in the engine bay, providing a much larger air supply and smooth flow.


Our unique 1-piece airbox design offers a seamless and beautiful look without chances of air leaks, finicky installation, rubbing noises, or parts working loose over time, common with multi-peace airbox designs.


The built-in velocity stack smoothly reduces airflow from the massive 5" air filter down to the turbo inlet with excellent laminar properties. This transition creates a very high inertia flow from the huge filter with very low drag or power-robbing turbulence.


The intake takes advantage of multiple air supply avenues to support any power level. The front large air inlet receives outside high-pressure flow from the front of the grille and acts as a ram air design for most of the air supply. Additionally, the filter plate louvers pull extra required air from the low-pressure zone under the intake. These dual zones provide a free air supply across the entire filter and ensure your intake will never be a power limiter for even the most extreme builds.


Your sporty SUV is equipped with a 6-cylinder turbocharged engine -sound like one!

The factory airbox is designed to mute all engine and turbo sounds. When upgrading to an IE intake system, you will instantly become addicted to the new turbocharger spool, engine throttle, and diverter valve symphony under the hood. Your SQ5 won't only pull harder, it will also sound classy, refined, and powerful.


Every inch of IE's intake system evolved from countless design revisions, rapid prototyping, flow bench testing, dyno runs, and real-world verification to maximize airflow and performance. The result is an intake system with power gains of up to 19WHP and 21ft-lbs of torque, with even higher gains possible on hybrid turbo setups!  


The proof is in the testing. Back-to-back flow bench results show constant and consistent CFM gains of up to 44.2% CFM over stock! This increase in flow details the intake design's efficiency over the factory parts and capability to provide any required airflow demands from ECU tunes and hybrid turbocharger upgrades.

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