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IE ProCore Downpipe - Audi / B9 / S4 / S5

IE ProCore Downpipe - Audi / B9 / S4 / S5

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  • IE ProCore Catalyst -No check engine light
  • High-flow design -Supports hybrid & large turbo power
  • Increases sound -Full and enriched exhaust note
  • Bolt-on direct fit -No cutting, no welding, no hassle
  • High Quality -Stainless steel, TIG welded, & investment casting

IE's in-house engineered ProCore Catalyst features our specialized tri-core design with a specialty coating, enabling it to pass vehicle readiness monitors without triggering a check engine light. An advanced molecular bonded wash process applies the precious metal coatings to ensure long-life operation and reliability. Whether you're looking to improve the exhaust note from your 3.0T or building a track-destroying hybrid turbo setup, enjoy your exhaust without the annoying check engine light.

No check engine light does not equal reduced power. The 6" 400CPSI CAT maintains optimal flow to support substantial power gains up to large and hybrid turbochargers. Your IE ProCore downpipe will pass vehicle readiness monitors and allow total and complete power, torque, and spool potential from your hardware and tuning upgrade investments.

Advanced 3D scanning tools and cutting-edge software provide our engineers with a high-resolution digital model of Audi's unique 3.0T engine. This data is then used to maximize the downpipe size for flow and ensure perfect and factory-like fitment.

IE downpipes are manufactured with quality materials for lasting strength and performance. The T304L stainless steel investment cast body smoothly transitions exhaust flow from the massive 6" CAT to the dual 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust legs. All joints are hand TIG welded using precise fixtures and tooling for a seamless, leak-free fit.

The stock downpipe becomes a significant restriction when upgrading to a larger hybrid turbo. IE's cast downpipe is a direct fit to available upgraded turbochargers on the market and will unleash the complete horsepower, torque, and spool potential from your turbocharger investment.

Our IE B9 3.0T intake systems, turbo inlet pipe, and downpipe are hybrid optimized, making the installation of popular turbo upgrades an easy bolt-in process.

Real-world power numbers are achieved using our in-house dyno cells to verify the efficiency of the downpipe design. Dyno testing performed in controlled conditions on a hybrid turbo-equipped B9 S4 resulted in consistent and significant power gains of 45HP and 41FT-LBS to the wheels!

Install your new downpipe kit without welding, cutting, permanent modifications, or installation hassles. The process is straightforward with the correct tools. If desired, the factory heatshield and engine cover are reinstalled with a perfect fit for a truly stealth look.

Install time around 2-3 hours

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