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Powerflex Front Control Arm Rear Bushings (21mm) - VW / Mk4 / Golf / Jetta /& More

Powerflex Front Control Arm Rear Bushings (21mm) - VW / Mk4 / Golf / Jetta /& More

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For aftermarket control arms (by measurement, see below)

These urethane performance bushings replace the stock rubber front control arm back bushings on the Golf Mk4, Jetta Mk4, New Beetle and Audi A3. Stock rubber control arm bushings give a disconnected and mushy feel to the front suspension, especially when worn as the bushing deflects more than it should. You get sloppy steering, vibrations, and poor handling which makes the car feel unstable. These urethane bushings are stiffer than stock rubber and will not deflect as much. This helps keep the alignment in check with less variation. The car feels more planted and confidence-inspiring. And a limited lifetime warranty means you'll likely never have to pay for another bushing ever again.

Sold as a pair for the rear position in the front control arm. Replaces VW/Audi part number 1J0407181.

Note: Aftermarket control arms may have a thinner body and use a thinner bushing than the original VAG part. We encourage you to measure the thickness of the arm at this location so we can supply the correct bushing. The original arm is 23mm and we have seen aftermarket arms with 21mm thickness. See the diagram below for more detail. Select the size you need from the options above.

Unlike other urethane bushings using only one or two urethane grades, Powerflex design engineers choose the correct hardness to allow for the specific movement or rigidity required for each component while minimizing unwanted NVH. Bushings are typically produced in one of three grades – Yellow (70-80A, approximately 25% stiffer than stock), Purple (80-90A, approximately 30% stiffer than stock), and Black (90-95A, approximately 80% stiffer than stock). Select a Street or Race bushing from the options above.

If you measure 23mm you will need PFF85-410

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